one crap selfie

Every year(ish) I get together with my camera and we take a fanceh selfie. 

When looking for an ideal shoot location for a creative play around - and before you start planning big and trespassing all over the place - don't forget to first check your own backyard. Or on this occasion, your own toilet.

I set up shop between the wall and my toilet and had my camera on a tripod in the shower, shooting through the glass. Add a flamingo lamp (as you do) and from there you'll either end up with a cool photo, or an awkward time having to explain yourself if someone were to walk in and see this. Or both.

Just posting this to show that you don't always need epic set ups, or to travel to the next suburb in order to create, especially for little portrait sessions. I'm not saying take the team of your next big paid job to your bathroom, but being resourceful and seeing things with yo 'photographic eye' for creative portraiture can save you a trip and sometimes even studio expenses. It also makes you explore using different lighting or props you might not have otherwise paid attention to before. Grab an attractive friend and give this a go in your crib. 

If you do try this exercise out, I'd love to see what you come up with and what went into achieving it - send me your results at so i can fan girl.

Laura Marii x