A few months ago, I was emailed by a publication called Infocus Australasia. It's a photography magazine run by the legends of AIPP. They were writing to let me know they had selected and consider me as one of the top 10 young Australian photographers, and requested an interview.
When I read this email, I was thrilled! It's always unexpected when things like this pop up, and a real honour too. 

The feature is out now, I haven't seen the full publication myself, so I've extracted my interview from the article below and the pictures from my portfolio they featured, what I consider to be some of my best.

I hope you enjoy the read, and if you feel like leaving a little comment or question at the end, by all means. I love hearing your thoughts and answering little Q's here and there.

LM x

What inspired you to take up photography?

“A lack of illustration ability and an enjoyment of light in all forms, which has been with me since I was a child. I was that kid who could be entertained by dappled light on the wall for ages and always found dusk and early evening to be a very romanticised time. It was early on that I found a love for light and the mood that goes hand-in-hand with it.”


What are your influences?

“The Australian landscape; the textures, colours and shapes it has to offer. We travelled a lot when I was growing up. The colours I've absorbed throughout my life around remote Australia are evident in my photographic aesthetic. This looms larger than any other influence. Music has a lot to do with it as well. The imagery that a song can stir in my mind usually will spark an idea that I want to execute. Wildflowers, earthy fabrics, old books; rarely the photography of others – it's always external sources that I draw upon the most.”


What study have you undertaken?

“I am self-taught. While teaching myself the fundamentals of photography, I was very disciplined, and could read and read article after article for hours until my father would notice and make me go outside for some fresh air and movement, and that's when I'd put everything I learnt into practice. I tried and persisted, and succeeded and failed. It went on for months, just shooting the same flowers and streets over and over again and comparing the images, pinpointing the differences. I'd never been so focused on learning like that before, especially in school, so I took it as a big sign I was going to make something of this. When I decide on doing something, I always finish it.”


What do you love about your subject matter?

“I could write a lengthy paragraph filled with beautiful words about fragile humans and their breathtaking youth, but everyone has heard it before. Every portrait photographer has similar feelings and motives behind their work.

“I think I show what I love about each subject in the photographs I take of them, so I'll let them be the evidence. I'll let them do the talking. They'll tell you more than I ever could with words. It's why I photograph. It's silent, poetic communication.”


What gear do you primarily use?

“Canon, always.”



“I never entered any photography competitions. It just wasn't something that I've ever chased. I was more interested in getting out with my camera and shooting freely, experimenting with styles and exploring ideas.

“I've never been a competitive person with others – only with myself. I always want to push myself and be better. It's a private competition.”